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"Thanks to technology, Dreumex is providing perfectly clean and healthy hands for cheap costs (it defeats grease, tar, paint or glue). Dreumex deals easily with special or general cleansing of premises, machines or vehicles. It cleans without hurting the original surface or skin."
Van Houtum is bringing beautiful Satino and Satino Black series, equipping bathrooms or quality wiping rolls, for workshops. Products are always human-friendly, without harming chemicals or glues (unlike in the daily life where you meet them in many toilet rolls or even tea bags, unfortunately). Van Houtum runs a certified top ecological production.
5in1 Power is a renowned American brand of additives for protection, prevention, sealing or power enhancing, suitable for any vehicles and machinery in automotive and other industries. Try out mainly our top product - Oil Stabilizer, so-called "mechanic in bottle" which is a bestseller in Germany and Benelux.
Chicopee ensures ideal nonwovens for every industry. The range of use is from factories, printing, workshops to pharma, IT or food production or restaurants.

Total Concept. Our mission is finding and providing professional consumers top quality, simplicity, joy and minimal costs in use, all thanks to technology and economical application. We directly represent European and American producers. For them, we build and support an integrated distribution network in the CEE region.

We are finding you the best performers in hygiene and cleansing. Our main business is cleaning, hygienic, protective and additive solutions as the necessary equipment for garages, factories, workshops, small productions, car dealerships, petrol stations, shopping centres, sports facilities, restaurants and hotels. All products are always unique in a particular way, in their power, sustainability or care.
Made in Holland and USA.